Bird Proofing

Bird Proofing Melbourne

Gutters and drainage pipes are standard features on any roof, but they can also provide ingress points for pests, rodents, and, most commonly, birds. Graceful as they are, birds can cause incredible damage to your roof and home, especially invasive species like Indian Mynas, Pigeons, and Starlings, who nest wherever they find an opportunity.

Keep Birds Out of Your Roof

MP&G has bird proofing services that enmeshes and seals any weak points in your gutters, drainage pipes, and gaps between your roof. This keeps these persistent pests out of your gutters, pipes, and from squeezing into the gaps in your eaves space.

MP&G doesn’t just handle gutter guard installation in Melbourne. Our pest protection system works on any type of water drainage, even large box gutters. We also locate and cover any alternative entry points we find, like gaps between the roof and the gutters, and areas in roof channels and valleys. Rest assured, MP&G will help your home remain pest free and sturdy.

Birds can Cause a Lot of Damage! Here are the Facts

  • When birds get in undetected, they can cause a lot of damage and block your water drainage system.
  • Birds may leave seasonally, but usually return to areas they consider safe, meaning you could have generations of pests year after year.
  • Indian Mynas are the most common pest, but Pigeons with their corrosive poop often cause the most damage as they can bring their entire flock back to roost.
  • Pigeons will often nest under solar panels if they can’t find a way into your roof. This usually happens on roofs that are at least two stories in height.
  • Nests can build up in gutters, causing water blockages, and at worse, fire hazards, especially during bushfire season.

What to Expect from MP&G Bird Proofing Services

  • Removal of bird nests and fouling.
  • Locating and sealing any means of ingress to your roof.
  • Installation of bird spikes and other preventative measures.
  • Sealing of gaps beneath solar panels.
  • Valley seal installation to prevent nesting in low areas of your roof.
  • Advice on how to prevent future pest problems.

Your Home is For You, Not for Pest Birds. Call the Melbourne Bird Proofing Experts at MP&G Today!